1. A penile is your DING DONG penis.
2. The "tra-la-la" of the male variety.
3. The oposite of a "vagai-gai."
Person 1: "Awmg I be jealous of your penile, brah!"
Person 2: "I know, right! It's like... twice the size of my penis!!"
by <33Divine<33 September 25, 2010
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1. Someone who is authoritarian, and doles out justice with a slap to the face with a cold piece of ham or meat.
2. From the notorious individual "The Almighty Penilizer" in the 1820s, who dealt criminals a blow about the face and shoulders, usually with a cold cut of beef. Refers to anyone who wields meat as a weapon.

3. A surprise attack, leaving one stunned or possibly knocked unconscious.
"Was that a penilizer, just now?"

"That chief of justice is a real penilizer."

"I bet he thinks he's a regular penilizer, waving around that sausage like he owns the place!"

"A plane? A train? A UFO? No! Its Penilizer!!!!"
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Being punished or penalized because you're a woman by unsympathetic males in the work place.
"When I returned, my boss and coworkers penilized me for having to take maternity leave."
by krystdopey December 1, 2010
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Humiliation felt as a result of exposure of one's miniscule penis
We were in the showers, and feelings of Penility overwhelmed me.
by xxxx December 10, 2003
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Pronunciation: 'pE-"nIl
Function: adjective
: of, relating to, or affecting denial of the penis. Most commonly denial of the lack of length.
Have you seen how small that poor guy's penis is? He is in total penile.
by slayer of ignorance September 13, 2005
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a harsh form of punishment, the penis is surgically removed from the genital area and re-attached to the forehead of the offender
pick them pokemon cards up of da floor in there or it's penilitis for you boy!
by the kdw May 2, 2010
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An extremely large penis.
Origin: The words "penis" and "Nile" combined; the Nile river being a long body of water that is worshiped for bringing life to Egypt.
by Allora December 2, 2003
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