A noun used to describe the act of atonement for a crime or a sin. Penance usually involves corporeal punishment or demeaning tasks.
When Rhiannon's daughter was missing, it was believed that Rhiannon ate her. As penance for this act, Rhiannon was to carry visitors to the castle on her back.
by celticshiva March 2, 2004
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The most badass of all Final Fantasy bosses ever, who, unless you max out your fuckin stats to 255, you can only beat with zanmato. Appears from the Calm Lands' gourge in FFX International once you beat all the Dark Aeons.
FUCK, i been fighting Penance for hours and the little bitch just pulled Judgement Day out of his ass. DAMN FUCK SHIT BITCH now i gotta start all over! That's it.....where's Yojimbo.....
by Hatz April 7, 2006
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Thepunishment ( generally washing dishes ) Giving to the odious little cretin Mr Neil when he wet the bed by Peinchka Pete.
jackie 1"Neil has pissed the bed again"
jackie 2"Right that's it Penance"

smoke alarm noise
jackie 3 " Neil if you don't get them fucking dishes done now Peinchka Pete is gonna dish out some reet chaps"
by Andy Chap March 2, 2004
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A quantity, a group containing 20,736 units, or a gross gross (144*144).
He made over a penance posts on torchthebridge.com
by Gato Guapo January 14, 2004
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When your wife/partner has to spend some time working the shaft as a result of a wrong doing that they committed..
Person 1: Honey! I just bought a new handbag and shoes with your bonus cheque!

Person 2: Dam! You need some Penis Penance to make up for that shit!!
by MrPabloE September 16, 2018
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A naughty catholic school girl kneelin' on a broomstick with a cock in her mouth hummin' the Act of Contrition.
Sister Mary made Kristina perform a StMarks Penance since she came to school coked up again.
by Williamsburg Poet Society August 7, 2009
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