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1: A girl that is easy to get in bed; a breeze to get in the sac. 2: Used to refer to a hot girl, or possibly, any girl in general if one prefers any female that walks on two legs; often used to confuse a girl unknowing of the term's definition.

Plurals/subversions: Breezing: To breeze. Breeze. Breezys: A mulititude of a breezy.
1: Sup, breezy.
2: Hey man, lets go get some breezys.
3: Yep, she's a breeze.
by Hatz March 07, 2005
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A person who uses a bot or macro of some sort to gain levels in Runescape while not wasting their life with endless clicking in this gay game. Useful for making great pkers while not wasting away at your computer screen for 12 hours...
Man i hate these autoers im gonna tell Andrew about you fuckers and get you permabanned from rs!
by Hatz March 07, 2005
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The most badass of all Final Fantasy bosses ever, who, unless you max out your fuckin stats to 255, you can only beat with zanmato. Appears from the Calm Lands' gourge in FFX International once you beat all the Dark Aeons.
FUCK, i been fighting Penance for hours and the little bitch just pulled Judgement Day out of his ass. DAMN FUCK SHIT BITCH now i gotta start all over! That's it.....where's Yojimbo.....
by Hatz April 07, 2006
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A fat ass dip of snuff; origin comes from football player Warren Sapp, who tends to have a fat one in at times
Hey chach, u got a sap?
by Hatz March 07, 2005
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Safer Sephiroth's fuckin move which takes 5 minutes to complete, but is awesome. And for some reason, sephiroth gets engulfed by the sun, in which he is granted no pain or suffering, however, cloud gets burninated of course. Word of advice, beat the damn game b4 he uses supernova twice, otherwise you will get the glitch ending for some odd fucking reason in which you will not receive any full motion video. I consider it to be an alternate ending, and it is kind of cool if you happen to get this ending first becuz it leaves it very much open and leaves you guessing what exactly happened. Anyway, i gotta shit, im out.
Oh look, Sephiroth used supernova on me again, and there go all the planets being destroyed one by one.......again.......
by Hatz April 15, 2005
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To give into the act of sex; to "give er a try"
Hey breeze, let's giver
by Hatz March 07, 2005
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