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A noun used to describe the act of atonement for a crime or a sin. Penance usually involves corporeal punishment or demeaning tasks.
When Rhiannon's daughter was missing, it was believed that Rhiannon ate her. As penance for this act, Rhiannon was to carry visitors to the castle on her back.
by celticshiva March 2, 2004
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A term for someone learning from a wiser master. Often used in mockery when something is 'common knowledge' that is easily forgotten.

This word is similar to padwan.
Man 1: "It took me 3 days to download the latest version of Priston Tale"
Man 2: "3 days? WTF, I downloaded it in 34 minutes"
Man 3: "Not everyone has broadband, grasshopper."
by celticshiva March 2, 2004
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Originally a french term "Voi la" literally meaning 'Look there!"

Often used to create suspence just before revealing a final result.
"You add relish and mayonaise together and Voila! Homemade tartar sause."
by celticshiva March 2, 2004
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