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A term used by homosexual individuals (most likely known as James) in order to act interesting or try to be funny
"Bruuuh... Darude Sandstorm has 144 million views!!11!!!! Okay, will you please suck my dick now"
by Jamesgay February 12, 2019
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Adj. N.

Gross, Disgusting, Intolerable, Etc.

One-hundred-forty-four of something

A pun stemming from the fact that 12 dozens (144) is a gross. Gross, get it?
by Random Obscurity April 17, 2004
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A term used by people pretending to be construction workers to describe a vague inconsistency or problem within overhead piping in an attempt to appear as real construction workers. Commonly used by YouTube star Ally Law and his close friends.
"Ah Dan, I think we've got a few 144s over here."
by ThatTenuredGuy May 19, 2018
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When a classmate gets tons of points for fooling around with the teacher, and the teacher likes it. It's generally done by short blonde guys.
student#1: teacher, what can i do to get some bonus points during the semester?
Teacher: let's discuss that in my office ok?
student#2: damn that guy is such a 144.
student#3: indeed.
by Vicente G. July 15, 2014
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