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A term used by people pretending to be construction workers to describe a vague inconsistency or problem within overhead piping in an attempt to appear as real construction workers. Commonly used by YouTube star Ally Law and his close friends.
"Ah Dan, I think we've got a few 144s over here."
by ThatTenuredGuy May 19, 2018
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Adj. N.

Gross, Disgusting, Intolerable, Etc.

One-hundred-forty-four of something

A pun stemming from the fact that 12 dozens (144) is a gross. Gross, get it?
by Random Obscurity April 17, 2004
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When a classmate gets tons of points for fooling around with the teacher, and the teacher likes it. It's generally done by short blonde guys.
student#1: teacher, what can i do to get some bonus points during the semester?
Teacher: let's discuss that in my office ok?
student#2: damn that guy is such a 144.
student#3: indeed.
by Vicente G. July 15, 2014
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