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So basically everybody knows any girl called Rhiannon slays, everything she does people follow! People tryna hate but that don't get to her.

She's stunning

She's intelligent

The name Rhiannon comes from Wales, it means a goddess that is able to shape shift into a gorgeous white horse, this is where Rhiannon gets her beauty from.

She may seem like a nice loving girl(which she is) but nobody wants to get on the wrong side of her!!
"Did you see how much Rhiannon was slaying today?"
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by Member of the Welsh public April 14, 2017
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A Rhiannon is a nice, caring person who is selfless and cares about others. She is very creative and artistic and shows great drawing, writing, and designing ability. Rhiannon is very nice, until you get her mad. She has both a girly side and a tomboy side to her. She is tough and doesn't cry very often. She is bookish and shy at first, but once you get to know her, she is outgoing and crazy. Rhiannon is beautiful and men seem to be attracted to her. She doesn't have boyfriends very often, and doesn't have a sexual relationship until she's married.
"Look at Rhiannon."
"I wish I had her as my girlfriend."
by Luna Aquamarine February 16, 2013
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Mystical, smart, beautiful, talented.

a Welsh goddess that has the ability to shape-shift into a stunning white horse.

The name of a Fleetwood Mac song.
Rhiannon is amazing in so many ways.

In our Mythology class we learned about Rhiannon.

The next song performed by Fleetwood Mac was Rhiannon, sung by Stevie Nicks.
by Scarlet Phoenix December 08, 2009
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A beautiful woman, often sought after by men and women alike, and object of attraction no matter the occasions.

Also used to define an attractive lady.
A: Damn, did you see that girl?
B: Yeah, I know! She's a Rhiannon!
by zilla.cey.265 April 16, 2009
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Often very understanding. Also the name of a godess that can transform into a beautiful horse. Rhiannon has also been known as the lady of the lake were excalibur was thrown.

Rhiannon's are often understand and very different from the normal people they can tend to be nicer and more caring than normal other people. Rhiannons tend to stand out from the crowd.
"that girl was very interesting. i know she was a Rhiannon."
by Anaklumos February 07, 2010
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Rhiannons are the most awesome girls you can ever meet, they are sweet, kind, and playful. They can be mean if you want them to though *wink*. They can be shy at first, this can be seen via lots of giggling, especially when with friends.

Rhiannons are usually beautiful in the face, and sexy in the body. Try not to look them straight in the eye, or you could get lost, or even fall in love!

Another thing about Rhiannons is their awesome ability in the bedroom, I mean really, you just can't do any better.
"Dayum you're lucky you found a Rhiannon, I'm stuck with a Sarah.."

"I love my Rhiannon, she makes me so happy, I must be the luckiest guy ever!", "Yeah bro, you ARE lucky" =
by ThatGuysSmallPenis October 25, 2010
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A lovely girl who is an immense artist. She is quiet and understated in person yet her online presense is loud and proud. She has really nice dark hair and nice dark eyes. She has many friends that are boys but not an actual boyfriend (or if she does no one knows about it apart from the happy couple). Incredibly talented at sewing too.
Me: Rhiannon!! I love your drawing!!
Rhiannon: Meh, Its ok....
Me: Its awesome. Trust me.
by oh_strange_one February 19, 2012
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