An obscure slur against Jews hinting at their escape from Egypt across, you guessed it, the Red Sea.
by WFM60 September 8, 2009
A pseudo-cloth or fake clothing, as in brand or just wrong.
Look at her pedestrian nipple rags! They say Liza Clayboone instead of Liz Claiborne.
by Incredible Chemical June 10, 2009
Someone who is a hazard to navigation because they are trying to walk while using a cellphone, palm pilot, or similar device that uses up their limited attention span. Completely oblivious to their surroundings and often causing others to negotiate around them or risk collision.
Friggin' PEDestrians are always causing accidents. Good thing they don't chew gum too.
by Mothshade June 1, 2005
Refers to the infuriatingly-common "lousy timing" occurrence of your seldom encountering the usually-hoped-for opportunities/pleasantries (i.e., neighbors relaxing on their front porches/lawns whom you can shoot the breeze with on your way by, pretty girls to hold hands with and "chat up for a few", sizable numbers of discarded returnable containers, etc.) whenever you're out for a stroll or otherwise leisurely traipsing around your local area on foot, yet when you either hitch a ride with someone or are "a man on a mission" in your own vehicle and thus you can't "acceptably" stop to avail yourself of any of these assorted "sidewalk delights", the roadsides you travel along will either be "chock-full of friendlies" or "Bottle/Can City", and so you'll be mentally "climbin' da walls" at having to agonizingly pass on by all of those much-desired goodies.
It was foggy and chilly when I started out walking around town to complete my weekly errands-list, and so there was hardly another soul outdoors, but then sometime later when I was riding back again with a neighbor who'd offered me a lift home, the weather turned clear and balmy again, and there were lots of smiley-faced sundress-clad cuties strolling the walks all over town! Guess it was Murphy's Pedestrian-Perks Law at work!
by QuacksO July 21, 2018
Annoying Predestrians are usually people who get in the way of cyclists, they also can tend to stand in the way when others are trying to get past on the sidewalk.
"hey look at those annoying pedestrians Jim"
"Yeah I know right! Mike died after he had to swerve to avoid those peds"
by Avocado's May 26, 2022
A pedestrian who seems to appear out of nowhere while one is driving. This pedestrian may not have been seen due to the driver texting, singing, or reading a book while driving.
Peter: *reading Harry Potter while driving down the street*

Pedestrian: AAAAAHHHH!

Peter: *swerves out of the way* Holy crap! Those ghost pedestrians are such hazards!
by emmef January 16, 2012
People who look like an everyday person, nothing special about them. Until they start doing what they can do best. He or she has a vibe or flow in which he/she couldt be walking around, moving into their talent and continue walking. Like its their natural life.
You move like a pedestrian.
by Wandelwandering January 6, 2019