Malachi, too many words to describe him. A truly humorous person that is sure to make you laugh. Has the nicest smile ever and is loyal. Somewhat a nerd, which makes him even better in my book! Trustworthy and honest. Usually shy and quiet at first but once you get to know him he is a good person. A great hugger (and trust me, im not lying). Even though he may not look like it, he is pretty athletic. You can always count on him. His self esteem is not so prestigious but he doesn't realize how special and how good he is. He will always find a way to make you smile, even when your down deep in the dumps. If you ever find yourself with a Malachi, you're quite lucky, because He is the definition of perfect friend. Period. :)
Person 1: "wow Malachi is the best!"
Person 2: "How"
Person 1: "Looking at him says it all"
by DaBeast352 July 10, 2019
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A very amazing man with beautiful brown eyes who always knows what to say to make the one he loves smile. The one he loves is a very lucky person considering they have the most amazing person to live. He is one of a kind. Always looking for an adventure. Pretty much everyone loves him. And no one dares mess with his girl unless they're ready to be bitched at. It's the most adorable thing ever. He has the most gorgeous smile and when his arms are around you there is no where in the world you'd rather be. when he loves someone they know it. He is so amazing. And he knows it.
"Dang, Malachi is amazing."
by Skittlemonster September 10, 2011
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a strong young name. that brings joy to friends and the one's he loves, once u fall in love with him theirs no turning back u cant resist his hotness athletic body, your going to want to feel under his shirt, trust me i KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!!!! he makes girls feel freaky/turned on, around him specially the first one that loved him, they will not stop thinking about him. and will not dreaming about sleeping with him.
malachi is a lion/tiger in bed!!!!!!!!
by harry-styleslover May 18, 2014
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An amazing guy that pretty much knows how to have fun and he is pretty awesome and REALLY smart once you get to know him. He is a guy you can never figure out until you get real close. You practically search the whole area when he is gone worrying about him, and when you find him its a relief to everything. You love him with alll your heart and you want to keep loving him but because you don't want to lose him is why you never made a alot of moves afraid of embarrasment or him leaving you. Even though he has strange mannerisms it's something to love because it's special :) He is funny and pretty good looking if you ask me. He makes you melt with his hug and hand, and hes the type of guy you always want more of. The only actual strange thing is his muteness and his strange girly addiction. But if you push everything aside there is a shining diamond that in lovers eyes is too valuable to let someone else have. And even though you probably haven't even said 2 words to the guy, based on everything he does makes you know he is the right guy. Anyone who didn't get to know him better will regret it.

Dont ever make the mistake the mistake of letting him go,
like I did.
You see that tall guy, hunched over, and sleepy eyes. Hes not some mysterious, strange habit freak who likes colorful horses.Hes not what you think, he is just having a bad day. But did you know he can open your heart without even touching it? That's a Malachi guy.
by Randalandom person October 14, 2012
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Malachi is a shy but sweat guy he has blue eyes blond hair and if u guys have a chance of dating him you better take the chance he is loyal
He is cute what is his name


Well dang
by Little j May 22, 2019
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The guy no one went for all that much, though that's all you wanted to go for. He is different than literally everyone else. He has green eyes and dark brown hair. When you look into his eyes you fall for him harder each moment you stare into them. His smile makes you insane almost mad because of how adorable it is. He drives you crazy, but yet hes the one to keep you calm to stop you from having a rampage over something. I would say he is the type who is very awkward and shy and let's you do all the talking until he gets comfortable, even though he's so awkward he makes you awkward. He makes sure you're safe and happy but loves to make you frustrated just to be cute. You would do anything for him.... ANYTHING. He is the most handsome person in my eyes and makes me blush just thinking about him. He's a perv but the funny kind, he's probably the most sarcastic person you will meet besides yourself. Hugging him is like all your surroundings disappear and it's just the two of you, nothing else could tear the two of you apart. When you hold his hand it's so relieving to know someone else could finally understand you and to show off to all the bitches hes yours and only yours and nothing could ever change that. He faces the world with you, and whatever emotion you are in he is in because he couldn't stand you being sad so it makes him upset also, he would give you everything you want just to make you happy.
I love you Malachi, there's no me without you... If it wasn't for you I'd be in someone else's arms and it would never be the same.
by carlettuce August 25, 2016
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A guy with a big dick and gets pussy all time. Does extremely well at all sports.
Girl:Look at him!
Girl 2:He's Malachi
by Heyhoes1094 June 1, 2017
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