(v) Idle chit-chat, mostly done to be polite and to occupy time.
Politically Correct version of Shoot the Shit.
I met up with that chick again last night, and we just shot the breeze for an hour.
by keyshaw September 17, 2004
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Refers to where you sit quietly behind a big clueless dude who's eagerly chowing down on a huge plate of baked beans, "bide your time", and then fire off a starter-pistol just as said dude is starting to "rip one", thus igniting the unsuspecting dude's expelling methane and creating a humongous blowtorch-fireball out his ass. Extra points if (A) you loaded the gun with full-flash blanks --- both for a more spectacular effect and to better ensure that the muzzle-flash would indeed ignite the gas --- and (B) you chose a dude who usually has fairly "extended" farts instead of merely "little toots", so that any spectators can be treated to a real "light show" instead of just a brief flare-up.
Startled guy with a smoking pants-seat: Oh, Jeez Louize ---!!! When you fellas invited me over to your backyard barbeque to "shoot the breeze", I never expected that you'd mean it in a LITERAL sense!!
by QuacksO July 6, 2018
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You gotta let loose, go crotchless shoot the breeze
Susie was a Floozey she loved to shoot the breeze during family functions
by Pakhumps August 25, 2017
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to begin talking, or bs'ing
we were just shooting the breeze while waiting for Alaric to get to the bar.
by xteethx May 10, 2006
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To just hang out and bull shit about random stuff.

Maybe even smoke some.
Me and dude were lampin out front, and out of nowhere we started to shoot the breeze.

Good times? Good times.
by C'n Clear December 17, 2010
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