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Mikkel is used alot in northern Norway. Mikkel comes from the Saami name Mihkkal and has been translated to many languages. Mikkel has been translated to English as Michael and alot of people name their children so. Mikkel is synonymous with intelligence. If you want a child with extreme intelligence then name it Mikkel! If you want a child with extreme intelligence and good looks as well, then you should name your child Mikkel Isak. Because Mikkel is synonymous with intelligence as Isak is with good looks and strength.
Mikkel Isak is soo hot and Awesome, he even taught me math with 1 sentence
"Math = functions + Numbers"
by Mikkel Isak March 03, 2008
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Mikkel is a stupid kid who likes to do dangerous things. If you ever meet a Mikkel, u better count yourselves in. He is intelligent and good looking and if you have any problem with homework he will likely help you. Mikkel has a tragic background and that’s his source for doing all the dangerous shit he likes to do. He’s had it rough and that makes it hard for him to feel happy. If you meet a Mikkel he will probably do lots of stuff to make you happy again, if he hasn’t, think through again.

Mikkel often likes salty candy and probably lots of sour.

If you ever meet a Mikkel or know a Mikkel keep him close.
Oh shit! How did he do that?
I know right! He’s crazy!
Mikkel is so stupid!
by MrAddictedToOof October 10, 2018
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Big fucking gay loser. He sucks so much dick and is very ugly. He has small peepee and wants to suck Lucas penis.
"That man is a Mikkel, he is so gay"
by bigpenis1000 February 04, 2019
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/'Mæ:irtç/ <i>noun</i>

Originating from the Swedish suburb "Denmark", Mikkel is famed for being a talented eater of raw pig meat and dog testicles.

Mikkel's favourite soft toy is and always will be Gunter the putrid yellow cum sock with which he shares a very intimate experience.

Sometimes Mikkel likes to roley-poley down the stairs but after smashing a glass cup on his anus at new years eve now inevitably spurts faeces.

Mikkel had no choice but to sell his bladder for a plane ticket to England, he also sold his liver for a beer on the plane (well half a beer)

Mikkel's pulse was fading fast but luckly he had just landed at Heathrow where he could get some new organs, unfortuantly they didn't have Danish organs so they just put in a bit of bacon rapped bog roll for the liver and an exteral food bag for the bladder.

Poor Mikkel was often bullied by the others pupils parents after school, they used to squeeze
his pee bag which made him spray out projectile arse vomit over everyone in sight.

The police caught wind of this public defecation and arrested him, then after finding he was an illegal alien they sent him packing back to his land but took the bag and bog roll away first.

The moral of this story is that if you ever meet a Danish lollop called Mikkel run before he spins around and you feel the full force of his merciless arse geyser!
"ERRRRR, I dont know.. Histomaths???" - Mikkel .N 2004

If someone you know were to cut their anus on a glass cup you could say to them : "you cut your anus on a cup, I was reading about another person who cut their anus on a cup"

Call all anal cup cutters Mikkel

Are you a Mikkel?
by Uncle Percy Piper 3rd March 27, 2007
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