No, before you ask, it does not refer to a sexy teacher who wants to fuck his/her students.

1. It refers to a teacher who gives a shitload of homework. This homework will either be exploration homework (you have to do something that wasn't taught to you) or repetitive busywork.

2. It refers to a teacher who comes into class, reads from his/her notes, and gives you a problem to work on for an hour with no input from the teacher at all. A related concept would be busywork.

3. It refers to a teacher who grades his/her favorite students a full letter grade higher than his/her least favorite students, just because he/she can.

4. It refers to a teacher who likes to examine tests and essays too closely.

5. It refers to a teacher who doesn't look at assignments closely enough.

6. Last but not least, it refers to a bad teacher who reads this definition and does not realize that he/she is an asshole.
3. My English teacher
4. My math teacher taking 4 points off of a test because I didn't label "enough" tick marks on the x axis. (For the record, this teacher told me to label less tick marks because it made my graph look messy). Or my English teacher taking 10 points off an essay because the header is 3 spaces too far to the right.
6. My English teacher. After a student's parents complained, REDACTED retaliated by giving the student worse grades for the rest of the year.

There is almost nothing worse than a bad teacher.
by renaissanceman359 May 19, 2014
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bad teacher likes talking shit about other students or assume things about an other student because they have a dead end job and need to grow up

They say bad things like dumb ,full of it , full of shit, or liar or anything else without knowing them and will never know the kid so they assume .And tell themselves these things to make themselves feel better.

However there are good teachers who deserve double pay and do their job and realize kids are kids and they'll grow up like they did.

Like a good teacher told me assume makes an “ASS” out of “U” and “ME”.
bad teacher1-lets talk about another student
bad teacher - ya because i have nothing better to talk about and I have a shitty job
bad teacher3- Ya lets do that because i have such a low self esteem .I need to tell myself this every night to make myself feel better about myself
by hey you ,ya you January 26, 2011
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A person who gives a term's worth of homework for you to do in the two week holidays (gives holiday homework), tells you to move schools just because you didn't do that homework and has favourites in a class.
Math teacher: ...And also i assigned you more Mathletics homework.
Me: Yaay -_-
Friend: *In low voice* Really?
Me: *Also in a low voice* ofc not.
*Class is quiet and ends ten minutes later*
Me: SHE'S SO FUCKING MEAN AND SUCH A FUCKING IDIOT.Why the fuck was she even listening to my conversation? I WASN'T EVEN THAT LOUD FOR GOD'S SAKE!!
Friends: Ikr that so harsh of her, she's such a bad teacher.
by Welp001212 April 19, 2019
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The kind of guy who smokes pot before every class and then expects you to figure it out for yourself. Seemingly occur more in harder classes like algebra or English. Show up to class late with no idea what they will teach that day and get mad at you even if you did nothing. Everyone hates them because they completely mess up your gpa. They try to act cool and make the class fun by giving you options, but all of the options suck. At the end of the day all students go home and plot how to kill them or think of the gay sex they might be having with Jerry Sandusky. Even if you have some ridiculously smart Asians in your class they will still hate them for bringing their grade down to a 103. They also give entire classes detentions instead of the person who did anything. They tell terrible jokes and then have some stupid annoying laugh. Half the time you get out at the end of the year and realize you have learned NOTHING!
Teacher: Your options today are take a test supposed to be tomorrow, learn something completely new for the test tomorrow, or suck my balls.
Student: (under breath) I think I might want to take the easy option and suck his balls.
Teacher: WHAT'S GOING On!? ( stares at wrong student )
Wrong Student: I didn't say anything sir...
Teacher: DETENTION! Everyone see me after class. Even the Asians.
Student in Back: Dude you fucking suck at teaching!
Another Student: Yeah he's just a bad teacher!
by WigerToods Getinthehole July 30, 2013
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Now we all know one of these. Annoying, waffle teachers who just go on and on about colours reflecting the characters mood or the weather having influence over a situation. Shut up and acknowledge that no one cares. Like really. The sky is black because the author wanted it to be. Not because the character is angry and having dark thought. Nope. It was probably late.

For some reason, every single one of them are major feminists. Why? We're any of the old authors you drone on about feminists? Nope.

In conclusion there is only one word that can fully describe them:

I have A bad English teacher. His name is Mr Hartley. And he's trash.
by Englishteachersarebad1 December 30, 2020
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