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A complete wally of a person. An utter mushroom tip of a human. A total rod-end.
*An unknown guy strolls into the room. Seems a bit of a knob*

Ben : "who's this peaknuckle?"
by Trouserdog February 08, 2015
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A two-player game somewhat resembling Ping-Pong and with an element of soccer; it involves using your knuckles (touching the ball with your fingertips is forbidden, just as using your hands is not allowed in soccer) to flick a dried pea or other small spherical object back and forth across a table.
Peaknuckle is okay for rainy days, but I find it kinda boring and stationary... I'd rather play an outdoor ball-sport like tennis, where you can really dash around and get some exercise.
by QuacksO November 21, 2017
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