the sound used to describe the action of a person sticking out their tongue and blowing hard making a farting noise. Used to express disappointment.
You can't go to the concert next week? pbbt! you suk...
by Kate Templar July 9, 2005
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A Performance-Based Brake Test (PBBT) is any device which can quantitatively assess the braking performance of a vehicle. This is done through direct measurements of the brake forces at each wheel, axle or for the vehicle as a whole. Such devices include roller dynamometers, flat plate brake testers, breakaway torque brake testers and drawbar-type testers. Each of these devices can determine the brake forces without restriction to brake type (disk or drum) or energy supply (air, hydraulic or electric). In addition, PBBTs based on mechanical or electronic decelerometers can assess the overall vehicle braking capability through a stopping performance test in which deceleration and/or stopping distance is obtained, also independent of brake type or application method. Some PBBT types have been used worldwide for decades for both safety inspections and as part of regular Preventive Maintenance (PM) work in fleet shops.
A pbbt is an important part of truck safety.
by Trucker49 November 12, 2011
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An abbreviation for the English version of the Arabic honorific Muslims say after of the Prophet Mohammed (pbbt!). Shia Muslims also use pbbt! after the names of Shia imams. The exclamation point is a modern addition derived which does not occur in the original Arabic.
Mankinds desperate need for the message of the Prophet Mohammed? pbbt!
by Weezul January 26, 2008
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Just a name to make fun of somebody, especially if they are portugese, big, and black.

ex. Yea I met that guy yesterday, he was such a pbbt.
by Borf June 29, 2006
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Peanut Butter Bogey Time
a slang word to describe the act of smoking cigarettes, derived from the popular web cartoon "peanut butter jelly time"
yo... pbbts?
by wall vader September 25, 2008
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