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Super cool, Kind, friendly natured girl. Absolutely gorgeous. Very smart and loves to learn new things and help others out. Very observant. Very active, likes sport and activities.

Very nurturing.
Shia is who i would like to be like
by someonelovesyou November 30, 2011
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also known as shiite muslim pronounce (shee-ah) they believe that muhammed's succesor was his son in law while the other main branch sunni(sadam hussien was one) believed someone else was shi'as major in Iraq and Iran.
a member of the second largest branch of islam will be a shi'a
by juggalo_4_ever November 12, 2006
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Often followed by the high pitched squeal of “fuh some”, the hand movements of “all around” and the idiotic use of “Dolby 4.5”, this triumph of the english language is used to show a fellow human that you agree wholeheartedly with whatever they have just stated. While some may think it is just a word, it is in fact the quintessential human expression of good faith. The use of this word is always accompanied by a fist bump to the person that you are agreeing with.
It is tradition that this word should be said in a voice that is two octaves higher than anyone’s normal voice.
Noah: Shia!!!
Sammy and Noah in unison: FUH SOME. FUH SOME. All Around, All Around. Dolby 4.5
by weiny0402 February 15, 2019
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An expression that is just a cooler way to say "yeah" or "oh yeah." "Shia" cannot be used by everyone, so use discresion when attempting to use such an awesome word.
A: "Dude, don't you hate flyers fans?"
B: "Shia man. But doesn't the entire NHL hate them?"
A: "Shia dude, pretty much."
by Gracecaz. February 21, 2009
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A adjective used when a female has neglected to shave her legs for a few weeks, and thus has legs that resemble Shia LaBoeuf's
"Hey, pause the movie K!"
(Pauses Disturbia on a still of Shia's leg)
"OMG! H your legs are almost as hairy as Shia's! When was the last time you shaved?"'s been awhile
by phonebooth08 June 22, 2008
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An expression used to deviate from the subject, once said, it is illegal (yes illegal) to talk about that subject within the next day. If you mention it the person who said "shia" can legally kill you, legally.
Hey Luis did you screw my girlfriend?
What were we jsut talking about?
by Shia September 30, 2004
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Noun. Filler pause word. Used by a "G" to start a sentence.
Homey, what you gon do?

"Shia, I'm finna find something cold and cubed to sip on!"

Shia, good idea!
by Terry Bad Ice March 31, 2017
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