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When someone is in the act of going far beyond and out of the way to do something that puts the original agreed plan in complete limbo or risk of cancellation.
We were scheduled to be in Philly at 10PM with friends to party, but at 9:57PM, Pete pulls some "extra shit" and decides we need to go to Gettysburg to pick up a bitch and then go to Atlantic City instead.
by Metalmania82 November 10, 2011
~noun~ (twa-lay) When someone is guilty of, or is caught in the act of performing "extra shit" (see definition), which gets in the way of the original plan(s). This person ends up fucking up everything because they cannot stick to the original plans and are acting "twalee."
The original plan was to play an epic round of zombies and then go get something to eat. As soon as the round was over, Pete had to make a phone call to the love of his life, holding the rest of us up from a delicious meal, all the while saying he would only be a few minutes, when in fact he was on the phone for 20-30 minutes and THEN wanted to stop at TWO other stores BEFORE we could go get food, therefore earning him the title of "twalee" for the evening.
by Metalmania82 November 10, 2011
When in deep argument or discussion with one or more people, someone can interrupt with a loud and stern saying of "pause." This automatically lets everyone else know they need to shut up immediately. The person who announced "pause" has something extremely important or critical to the topic at hand that he or she MUST let everyone know about this information immediately. After said information is disclosed, the "pauser" must call "un-pause" to continue the original conversation where it left off, or to continue it with the newly added information.
"Ok, so there's a party at Jerrys house this Friday. We gotta go to this. EVERYONE"S gonna be there. ALLLL the hot bitches. Lauren, Liz, Sarah, Tina, Chelsea..."
"PAUSE! Pause! TINA's gonna be there??? Big tits Tina??"
"Yeah man she's definitely gonna be there!"
"Well shit, we are DEFINITELY there then. For sure."
by Metalmania82 November 10, 2011