A powerful and ancient word that is used to stop sus vibes from the people around you.
Bro, this is so long. Pause”
by Word of the Gods September 7, 2020
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A word used when someone says something that sounds gay and nobody says no homo.
Adam: His ass is mine!
(wait for no homo but Adam dosent says it)
by SmittyJagerManJenson December 21, 2010
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Used when trying to negate the sexual connotation of a comment.
Give it to me, Pause!

That feels so good, Pause!

I want some nuts, Pause!
by #TeamMINAJ July 28, 2010
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Similar to "no homo". An expression used after saying a statement that sounds gay.
I'm taking it all in....Pause
by cherri_blossum June 1, 2011
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As seen on DashieXP and DashieGames youtubes, saying "Pause" is similar to "that's what she said". You say it after you unintentionally said something sexual.
"This is really hard, but i'm going to beat it, pause!"
by Agent-Cash December 11, 2016
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The word pause is normally used when someone says some stupid or gay shit.
Guy1:bro, have you ever stuck a dildo up your ass?

by ThatOneNigga.Aye March 6, 2019
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Used to get someone to stop speaking, once something homosexual has been spoken.
Yo son, that was some mo' shit, pause.
by Shawn February 12, 2003
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