A pathogen is an organizm , a virus, or a protein that causes disease
There is a pathogen in my body that is causing me to have the flu.

Don't worry your immune system will take care of that
by I'm da bomb bihh February 11, 2016
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An organism (bacteria, virus, prion or a fungi) which has the ability to cause disease
The pathogen that killed 1/3 of the world's population in the 14th century was a bacteria
by DoktorMaki November 11, 2019
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Spreading false news, to cause damage to people around you.
'I didn't study for the test,' said Chipo, in the presence of her friends. Her friends felt relieved because they too didn't touch their books.

Results come out: she gets 1 wrong

Brothers response: She's pathogenic, I said Pathogenic! don't listen to her! She didn't even eat supper, to make matters worse she didn't eat breakfast too before the test. Seriously Pathogenic.
by Victims/ weekend bros September 22, 2019
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MPs“ are Antiwhite precepts bolstered by interpretive mandates that produce white-noir (physical, emotional, and spiritual sickness/disease) in Westernkind. MPs are lesions on our bodies, minds, and spirits. Simplistically, an MP is a belief that is destructive for white people.
„As long as you don't go free of your Meme-Pathogens you will not reach you full potential as a member of Westernkind.“
by wellbeing advocate November 3, 2020
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In·ter·net Pa·tho·gen

Anything based on the Internet that could be perceived to be the root cause of an Internet disorder.
You should try reading books to learn things instead of trying to Google everything; Google is an Internet pathogen and can lead to Google Amnesia.
by Echo Pryce January 15, 2010
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A sexual 'move' performed by S & M lovers everywhere. Is performed while a man and woman are having sex. Upon request the man cuts himself and bleeds all over the lady's muff so that she gets all his 'bloodborne pathogens' and receives literally everything the man has to offer the lady.
1) Damnit! I thought I had found a keeper until that bitch requested the Bloodborne Pathogen from me! No way I was doing that shit!

2) How'd you get it?! From my wild and crazy youth, I went crazy one night and requested the Bloodborne Pathogen.
by wordsRus February 24, 2009
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Dude, you need to get tested, that girl you slept with has acute pathogen!
by bamoozle April 23, 2011
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