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Often pathological parenting is used within alienating a child from a parent out of spite and tactically using the child to affect a parents contact or relationship when divorce or separation is a issue to a parent unable to separate the relationship with their children from their relationship with the mother or father on the receiving end of the vengeance carried out. Sadly it is bad parenting and often abusive behaviour to use a child in this way as it affects them often more than the target parent they are trying to get back at . It too often goes unrecognised even by mental health workers and the like avoiding it being a court issue which tend to play it down and if recognised for the true affect it has courts dont take it into consideration that is relevant to the case outcome or seen for the seriousness it should be for the damning emotional impact on their very own children
Pathalogical is a term used in psychology to determine a mindset or mentality that is often associated with psychopaths and narcassists and is detrimental to others and in extremities is abusive and destructive . Pathological liars are seen as unable to control their constant need to lie.
by Sxc Sel January 14, 2019
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You describe a person or their behaviour as pathological when they behave in an extreme and unacceptable way, and have very powerful feelings which they cannot control.
A) Ex.: She experiences chronic, almost pathological jealousy. Her husband can't stand that anymore.

B) Brandon can't deal with anger without breaking everything around. I guess he has some sort of pathological anger.
by Lousica May 04, 2014
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