being so white that you reflect light or temporarily blind people.
damn, her legs be so pastey that I have to wear UV sunglasses whenever I get within a 5 mile radius.
by hydrogenated December 10, 2005
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usually a pale, skinny, long shaggy haired, crackhead.
skin tone is very abnormal, looks high 24/7.
man thats your boyfriend? he looks like some pastey dude from upstate.
by andy Viet G style June 4, 2006
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to be nasty.
Person 1: "i really like Josh"

Person 2: "eww thats pastey."
by Lilygee December 20, 2008
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someone so white that u cant even explain it
person 1: did u see that new kid gaege today?
person 2: yah! he was such a pastey cracker!!
by unknown person #953 May 17, 2017
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Your friend "you little nigga" you "shut the fuck up you pastey white" because they white as fuck
by Codfather150 June 15, 2017
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A drunk night at a party, followed by Jack in the Box or Taco Bell, which causes a pastey crust to form around your butthole which you can't wipe off unless you have baby wipes.
I ate so much crap that I have a pastey gangster.
by BT Cruiser October 31, 2007
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