1) - To hit on a woman, make a pass at

2) - To throw the ball across the line of scrimmage in football

3) - The act of throwing, kicking, etc. the ball or puck to a teammate in any sport

4) - To be granted a reprieve from being whacked (killed) by the Mafia. Called "given a pass". Forgiven for your sins or indescretions.
CATCH THE PASS! - Blades of Steel, Nintendo Game System
by ACG2x January 20, 2004
the present tense of hitting a lic or robbing someone but can also be said in passed-tensed as “passed”
commonly used by bravo the bagchaser and late austin the pacman, rest in peace
“did you see chris flexing on his story?” “yeah that foos an easy lic let’s pass on his ass”
“i just passed in the field, yes i hit another lic” -austin the P
by elmini October 8, 2020
To hand a joint to a fellow pothead. Especially when in a circle of people.

Always pass to the left.
Dude, pass that doob!
by desperate_d April 20, 2009
Pressing I don't know while editing on urban dictionary.

Also known as,
Passed, IDK, and most favorable... "Who wants to see if they can make sense of this." (Though this case should be failed)
I am not sure about this def so I will pass it to someone else.
by Feildmaster November 21, 2009
The pass is the all time n-word pass only given to you by a black person. It means that you can say the n-word once and the black guy can’t get mad because he gave your the pass. Another circumstance is the all season pass. This means you have an infinite amount of n-word passes for as long as the black guy says you can. Ex: one day, one week etc.
“Hey homie you got the all season pass for a year!”

“Here’s the pass
by Mcchocherpants April 12, 2019
The act of impersonating a Caucasian is called "passing for white" or simply "passing". Light-skinned blacks or Latinos may have engaged in this activity (especially in pre-1960's America) in order to obtain privileges available only to those of the honkey persuasion.

See: The Human Stain, Imitation of Life
The back of the bus seems kinda crowded. I think I'll pass for white today.
by ravy July 27, 2005
When someone says something so funny that you feel like you are passing away.
Stephen: Remember that time Sam left the bar to puke outside and immediately got thrown in the drunk tank.
Sally: Stop! I'm passing!
by stephenplans April 23, 2013