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Short fo the words Dream Girl
The girl of your dreams.
Chris: Pilar you are my DG
Pilar:no your not you are just confused
Chris: -_-
by manameishere November 04, 2010
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Digital Gangster. One who (ab)uses the internet and modern technology for many tasks, most commonly for monetary profit or other personal gain, and initimidation of rivals. People who can destroy your credit, steal your identity or hack your website without you ever seeing them.
YTCracker is a DG. He clocks huge bank from spamming and is not to be fuxd with if you value your life.
by Em Epher July 01, 2006
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abbreviation for dirty girl
often used in reference to girls who read comsmopolitan, or other sexually related literature.
She's such a DG, it's disgusting.
by Tiffylee June 01, 2005
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Abbreviation for dirty girl, a girl who is basically out to get laid. Or sometimes simply used to descibe someone who dresses slutty/ skanky.
Look at what that girl is wearing, shes gotta be a DG!

Bro, let's go find some DGs tonight, get drunk and make bad decisions.
by KrayzeeTiger September 24, 2008
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The name used to describe a "dick grabber." When consuming too much alcohol girl often feels the need to grab dicks on the dance floor or any other situation. This event usually happens at random and inappropriate times. Female may bite lip or stare down the victim before going in for the kill.
"wow that girl is a dg, did you see what she just did, she def got a handful."
by ThomasBuildzthatFire February 24, 2010
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1. Dirty Girl. a girl that is dirty. A whore, or slut. The type of girl that will let you do anal on her. The type of girl that when you leave for a couple minutes, she will get eiffel towered by your friends
1. Last night I hooked up with a serious DG man, I mean for real she let me take a dump on her chest
by Nothinbutfacials May 03, 2009
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