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a large family filled with weird cuzins, awesome cooks, and funny ass people; a family with fun cuzins that always be funny ass conversations; a family with weird and awkward moments but in the end, they all love each other!
Boy: Wat? i dont understand.
Treacy: You wouldnt understand. Its a Treacy moment.
by gregorygmoney February 20, 2012
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A treacy, or treacius sillicus in latin, is an act of mistake, that happens to 1 out of 14 of us reports NASA.

When a man is having loving sexual intercourse with his partner, A treacy is when for some unexpected reason, the man sneezes whilst ejaculating and by a serious of unfortunate events, he unwillingly relaxs his anus muscle (the glorious sphinter muscle), and deficates on or around his partner, (soon to be Ex).
Jim Boy - "Hey, did you hear that Colin pulled a treacy in Jacinta last night after we left the indian restraunt?" Claude - "Oh no, Jimbo.... Was she alright? .... After the last time I thought we lost her!"
by Caffo November 08, 2009
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