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- Loves some "good water"
- Mr Brightside never fails to get him up and going after a fall
- Apparently can't remember?
- Slow claps a specialty
- Local cult figure (central VIC)
Sally: "omg look Emily that boys so hot"
Emily: "that's Schiff"
by talbs123 June 04, 2018
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To be so uberly cool that it's beyond cool, beyond awesome. Better than Schiff is Uberschiff.
8-bit Theatre is Schiff.
by Jovus June 13, 2004
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a skiff is someone who is dirty they're just gross no matter what they do or how they look their just nasty its like someone who is just ew and they're so dirrty you just wanna throw a phone book at them haha george ur a schiff!! You will never understand, its like worse then calling someone a tool or a poon face!
George ur so dirrty yur a schiff!
by wOrDLiFe January 04, 2005
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(verb) To Schiff or Schiffing is when you blow yourself incessently, with an intensity that engrosses one's focus totally and completely. Slang - When a politician or media spokesperson talks continuously going on repeating themselves inphasizing what they alone think, usually without regard for the facts.
Stop Schiffing, John, we already heard what you think!
Jack continued To Schiff, inspite of us already knowing he thought Joe had crossed the line.
by NatlRespone July 12, 2017
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