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Tactic used by football (soccer) teams, in which they play defensively for the entire game, in order to deny an apparently superior team any goals and escape with a scoreless draw and thus with one point, instead of risking it all and going for three points and possibly getting none.

Often involves pulling all 11 players in front of the ball, essentially daring the attacking team to send all 11 of theirs out.

Name is suggestive of putting a bus in front of the goal. One of several tactics referred to by football fans as "anti-football," and generally frowned upon by all but fans of the teams employing it.
Fan 1: "What do you mean, Arsenal only beat Sunderland 1-0? Arsenal have the best attack in the league!

Fan 2: "Well, you have to remember, mate, the Mackems like to park the bus."

Fan 1: "Oh yeah. No wonder Newcastle fans hate them so much."
by UncleMikeNJ September 30, 2009
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When in the middle of sex you decide to stop and leave your dick inside and then go to sleep
*yawn* i'm a bit tired, let me just park the bus here and call it a night.
by Dominic Lanteri November 29, 2016
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Used to describe a situation when a guy is having sex and he cums but dose'nt pull out and therefore he parks the bus.
GIrl: Babe dont forget to pull out.

Boy: What you talking about im ganna park the bus
by The Fap Factory November 02, 2015
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