Striking back after you are attacked.
Prepare for a counter attack.
by paulm April 29, 2005
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To take part of what someone says and use it in what you say back to that someone.
SIR: I don't want this in my mouth.
Idiot: Well I don't want your voice in my ear!
SIR: Dang, you just did a counter attack.
by spel itt rite March 2, 2006
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To take advantage of your partner on the smooth surface in your kitchen. To sneak up behind and enjoy copulation with a friend (or lover) while preparing a meal.

Best surfaces for counter attacks: concrete, granite or any hard stone.
He was a specialist in counter attacks, especially enjoying sex during meal preparation.

"Darling, I find your apron an uncontrolable aphrodisiac. Please, give in to my counter attack before I spooge all over myself."
by Lord Mc Flanders December 9, 2006
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when sitting a cirle using a bong pipe etc. and someone stops paying attention, causing the rotation to reverse back
i was next but you started talking to me and i got counter attacked.
by cubbington January 25, 2010
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When you’re going down on your girl and she farts in your mouth. Suck in the fart. Go back up to kiss her and once your mouth is on hers blow the coochie poof back into her mouth. Now you’re in control.
She tried to hit me with the coochie poof. So I counter attack farted in her mouth.
by This Dude 101 May 16, 2021
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A perfectly unbalanced fps mobile game with a fascinating graphic and more bugs that cyberpunk 2077. If you like to shoot people in the head without killing em, or face cancers from enemy from all the world that will camp as bitches and insult you every time they get a kill,
Well, Thats the perfect game for you.
You may get addicted to it and spend all your money in some usueless skins and trash knifes.
This game has a love-hate amazing relationship.
It looks like csgo but with more bugs and less russians.
X: hey wanna play ca (counter attack)
Me: hell nah im not in the mood to get FREE CANCERS
by Garfiel sex January 2, 2022
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a meal purchased at the counter of the public bar of a drinking establishment - a counter meal.
"christ, i'm hungover as nobody's business - time for a counter attack!"
by noof April 8, 2004
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