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Short for youth. A no good pikee (seepikeys) who spends his time abusing, threatening and trying to look hard. This behaviour is only exhibited when pikeys are in groups of 5 or more, as they lack confidence and physical presence to behave such on their own.

A GRIMEY yout behaves similarly but may in fact have the physical presence, or carry a pocket knife to be considered a threat.
LondonMandem: Some minor yout tried it wen i was walkin to your yard!

Matey:Is it? Did u blaps him?

LondonMandem: i told him to go fuck hisself and bitch-slapped his face.

Grimey yout:
LondonMandem: i jus clocked some grimey youts boppin down past ritzy

Matey: Shit lets duck out
by Drums June 10, 2005
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The phrase that people google on new computers expecting it to auto correct to
"shit, now i have to type in the whole thing"
by le epic gamer XD April 25, 2017
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Short for 'youth', originates from Jamaica.
Sam:Those Somalian youts are weird
via giphy
by TheSomalianYout July 16, 2018
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A pass tense version of yeet
โ€œI yout the baby out the window cause he/she was being so FUCKING LOUDโ€
by Wolfless June 26, 2019
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when someone cuts all the branches off of a tree but leave them all untouched at the very top, most common are pine trees.
your neighbor has a pine tree close to their house and doesnt like it rubbing on it, so they cut off all of the bottom branches except the top ones so that the bottom of the tree is left bear and is now considered a yout tree.
by mo dumps January 09, 2009
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Its a mix between the word "you" and "bitch" because some people are too lazy to use both of those words so they use "yout"
Person 1: i can't believe you chetaed on me!
Person 2: im sorry I didn't mean to!
Person 1: go away yout!
by Emi2018 August 23, 2018
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