poop pants no diaper is funny????????????
by Zecter April 6, 2021
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Short shorts or bikini bottoms that show off a woman's pussy. Esp in Pro Wrestling when they get pinned and you can see between their legs with a wardrobe malfunction.
The female wrestler was wearing pussy pants, I could see her pussy when she got pinned.
by Rick Sanchez 2600 March 25, 2023
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Yoga Pants, spandex pants, stretchy pants, or any kind of pants that shows the vagina to anyone look who is looking
He says “Bitch, go change your pussy pants right now! Your not wearing your pussy pants in public!”
by BettyStotler October 14, 2023
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Slang for boner/Erection 🍆👖
Like how not to say the word boner/erection
X1:so tell me what happened in school.
X2:the math teacher told me to stand up go to the whiteboard (i did not raise my hand so he could tell me)

And something embarrassing happened

X1: What ?
X2:i got testosterone in my pants
X1: what does that mean?
X2: I got a fucking erection goddamnit wtf?
by APersonthatKnowsSexEdBefore9th December 2, 2022
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When one who is certain of their argument is made to look foolish in a text based conversation.
We were texting about some movie we saw last night. I thought I found this huge plot hole, and she pointed out that I missed the dialogue that had explained it. It was a textual pantsing.
by TekkaSommer September 25, 2013
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When your little brother pisses his pants and doesn't tell anyone and tries to dry the over a fire.
Zack how did you get those burnt up pissy pants they smell like shit.
by RodgerDangus February 28, 2017
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Any pants which make the wearer look like she's trickin' and trashy.
Selma's ho pants made her look trick, but she considered herself an amateur and was insulted when men asked her price.
by Moby Doug April 25, 2010
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