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Ham stands for: hard as a motherf**ker. Therefore, this word is easily defined as "going hard as a motherf**ker". Every other definition I've seen on this website is definitely not right.
John: You know what I'm gonna do tonight?

Class: No, what??

John: I'm goin ham.

Jenny: What's going ham mean?

John: Ham means "hard as a motherf**ker". So goin ham means I'm gonna go hard as a motherf**ker.
by RAWphenom January 12, 2011
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Going Hard As A Motherfucker

As used in the Jay-Z and Kanye West song H.A.M.

Meaning to put a large amount of effort into something
Random Guy:Damn i died!!!! Im Going H.A.M. on these bastards!!
by ThatGuyWhoDefines March 05, 2011
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Going on a tirade against a black person, often including multiple occurrences of the n-word.
John: “Michael Richards was totally going ham last night at the Laugh Factory. You see that?”
Aaron: Yeah, did you hear how many times he called that person a n*****?”
John: “Yeah, he went hard”
by Viko the Pirate May 15, 2019
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