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a rude abbreviation of the word 'pakistani'
"that paki @%%#%#$?!?!"
by Sai December 26, 2003
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1. A slang term to describe a Pakistani or one of Pakistani descent - used in an intentionally harmless manner **if** it's between non-Pakistanis or Pakistanis themselves.

2. In the UK at least, used to the person the word is a derogatory racist remark for anyone of South Asian appearance, even if they're say, Indian. Look at the description of Feltham for truth of how stupidly this word is used. Used by racist Neanderthal shitbags, many of whom frequent by the look of the utter drivel I've read in this section. It goes without saying they obviously need to go back to primary school. I know some need to integrate more into British culture, way of life etc. and there are a lot of dickheads, same as in any race/ethnic group but this is hardly going to encourage them. You get a lot of white people saying "When in Rome" etc but when you treat people like shit they will treat you like shit - go figure?

And the plan to deport those who were BORN here (OK if they were terror suspects but this includes everyone - even if they've never committed a crime in their life..) is a practical violation of human rights. Fortunately, to any people accessing this from outside the UK I'm glad to say people with the views above are in the minority.

3. A great Republic of Ireland and Celtic goalkeeper in the early '90s. Oops, sorry, that's PACKIE Bonner :-)

A white man writes
See above definitions, I think they say it all
by Dan Sullivan March 07, 2005
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This word is shortened down to from Pakistani to Paki (however, this word is usually generalised to mean anyone is from the middle east eg afgan, iraqi.)

This word is usually taken as an offence by muslims, although users of the word mean no harm, they just use the word to save shouting Pakistani and to save breath.
(1): Pakistan person - Pakistani - Paki
(2): "You bloody paki!"
(3): "Have you seen that Pakistani over there?"

(shortened to)
(4): "Have you seen that Paki over there?"
by BritishLion July 28, 2009
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The short version for the term 'pakistani'. Before anybody says anything, it is NOT a racist term, as calling a pakistani a paki is no different to calling someone from Britain a Brit.
no hes not an indian, hes a paki.
by Crackin Cracker May 22, 2006
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A name for a person from Pakistan. Not racist.
Steve: "Hey Jim, because I'm British, does that make me a Brit?"
Jim: "Yes Jim, just like I'm a Scot because I'm from Scotland, and my friend Bruce here is an Aussie because he's from Australia"
Bruce: "That's bloody correct mate"
Ali: "That must make me a Paki! Because I am from Pakistan! How anyinee could find that offensive is beyond me!"
*group hug*
by Young Mulah June 04, 2015
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Paki. A derogatory word now used to describe all brown people of South Asian and Middle Eastern descent.

Although short for Pakistanis its deemed so offensive because most people who are called Pakis aren't actually Pakis.

To be mistaken for a Paki is the ultimate insult. Every one fucking hates Pakis.

Making this mistake can seem an easy one to make but not really excusable.
Imagine if YOU were mistaken for a Paki!

• although born and bred in the same town as you they choose to speak paki with a unique Bradford twist. Think Prince Nazeem Hamed

•Successive inbreeding (63% of Pakis in Bradford are married to their First cousins) give them a distinctive 3rd world appearance and double digit IQs.

• even though its mainly pissing down and fucking freezing. Pakis still sport flip-flops and a dish dash.

•Tax-exempt and unable to obtain actual jobs because that would involve integration. Pakis either drive taxi's, run hideously unhygienic curry shops or run underage sex rings. I think Mohammed's cool with that.
I'm not a paki mate I'm Indian
by sidcasualobserver July 10, 2015
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Can be referred as derogatory, offensive and racist.

A Pakistani or more generally, a person who is perceived to be a Pakistani often applied to persons of any South Asian or Middle Eastern origin or indeed immigrant. Although deriving from the word Pakistan ,Paki became offensive during the 1960s when used by british citizens to refer to immigrants in a racist manner.
'' fuckin paki why being rude!''
by sweet jesus July 14, 2006
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