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'Pakis' are good people. I am not Pakistani, but I know many of them, and I understand their culture. I often see white people gettin pissed off when Pakistanis speak their own language, which is their mother tongue and belongs to them. I have read a lot of definitions that people have left on this site. People are saying we cant have this, and we cant have that because of pakis, which I think is a load of infantile, pathetic crap. Where does all this hatred come from? Not only that, but many accusations which have no statistical backing and are 250% utter nonsense, have been posted on this site, such as 'y the hell do they alll think they are gr8', and accusations of wife beating and rape, when I can say that figures for white people are worse, LOOK AT THE STATISTICS b4 u talk. Their country is not a war-torn one, but is actually one of the many pearls of Asia. They are a people who are united and are very hospitable. The hatred I see, has branched out from jealousy. People are saying 'pakis have this, we dont have that, they have this, we dont...' Also, a lot of people say that Pakistani people s,ell and are dirty, when this is obviously not true, and infact, it is mandatory that they wash five times a day before their prayers, so they are CLEAN people. I can only conclude that there are good and bad people from all walks of life, and there are those who are jealous, envious snakes, who are wasting their lives with this concealed hatred that they may only regret on their death beds. PEACE
Racism is a form of jealousy that exists in narrow minds.
by Norman Alistair January 11, 2005
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