Once a luxury British car manufacturer until it was acquired by General Motors in 1921. From there on it ceased to be the biggest rival of Bentley, and was instead merged with opel, who GM accquired in 1926, and forced to produce cheap, nasty little cars, sub-standard to Ford. Vauxhall Make the same cars as Opel do, but they are only given the name Vauxhall in the UK, where they are also badged and named differently. Sometimes, when a new model is designed, Vauxhall will assume the name of the car it replaced under opel. Today, they occasionally make a good, fast car, but rarley. Also, Vauxhall barely do anything right without Lotus. Damn Americans, americanizing british car manufacturers and making them shit.

Fuck you GM. I'll send Osama after you.
Vauxhall Nova = Opel Corsa

Vauxhall Corsa = Opel Corsa

The Corsa replaced the nova, but they had the same name on the continent.

Vauxhall cavalier= Opel Vectra

Vauxhall Vectra = Opel Vectra

Vectra replaced the Cavalier, but Opel customers thought they were later editions of the car.
by Gumba Gumba March 21, 2004
The name that General Motors markets Chevrolet cars under in Britain.
Most commonly referred to in the U.S. as a "Chevy".
Vauxhall Nova = Chevrolet (Chevy) Nova

Vauxhall Cavalier = Chevrolet Cavalier
by Sean Daugherty February 28, 2005
a.k.a the vauxhall astra motot car. called the ashtray because it WILL get stolen and set on fire by asbo loving scum.
insurance company:"would you like comprehensive cover for your vauxhall ashtray sir?" you:"just fire and theft please" insurance company :"are you sure sir?" you:"i'm sure. its on fire now!"
by harray shipmonay March 13, 2008
A hairdresser’s car. Usually driven by really fit hairdressers who are both good workers and good looking.
Freda: I love being a good hairdresser with my Vauxhall Adam
by BayofBengal September 26, 2018
Small compact range of european hatchbacks and saloons which were introduced in Germany in 1982 as Opel Corsa and Vauxhall Nova in Britain in 1983, this was then replaced in 1993 with an all new car which took on the european name and remains in production to this day, 2 new versions on. These cars are invariably owned by Neds or chavs depending on which side of Hadrians wall you are from. Your typical older Corsa will sport a very large bore exhaust which looks like a catering size tin of beans and makes the vehicle fart, it will have aftermarket alloy wheels which look absurd and are about as tasteful as a frilly toilet seat, normally has a spoiler on the roof that looks just like an ironing board, a body kit that looks like a 5 year old designed it, which incidentally is normally cracked and has smears of fibreglass paste on it, it will usually be adorned with stupid 'lexus look' taillights which are poorly made and let in water and just look crap! All of this and you'd think it was some 200BHP firebreathing monster, right? Nope! We are talking about a lusty 3 Cylinder, 973cc, 52 BHP powerhouse! The ultimate acoutriment for the tube about town!
The Vauxhall Corsa, Once driven, forever neddified!
by The Scottish Contingent August 13, 2007
Preferred ned(aka chav)mode of transport, Vauxhall Nova's can typically be seen pointlessly wasting fuel in the city and town centres of our country as well as many of our nation's country parks(see strathycruise.com).

These vehicles are very rarely seen in their original factory configuration, many having been purchased by neds/chavs, who have a strong desire to own hard looking sports cars that will impress 12 year old nedettes/chavettes that they are looking to pursue sexual relations with.

Typically a Vauxhall Nova will have been retrofitted with many after market modifications which include, noise polluting large bore exhausts which typically double as shelters for tramps, pointless bonnet air scoop(no intercooling mechanism or forced induction turbo charging system that would require such a scoop is fitted), a "spoiled" spoiler similar in scale to the average wing of a boeing 747 aircraft is fitted to the rear, a gaudy body kit, neon lights on the windscreen washers and under the car, and a stereo system with a sub-woofer that requires so much power that it typically overloads the car's electrical system, similar sound systems can be found in Stadiums or shopping malls also most nova's are fitted with alloy wheels so large that it gives the car the appearance of a monster truck.

Nova's are also found with a large amount of rust on all body panels and sills, some neds/chavs will attempt to rectify this situation, by applying large amounts of filler paste to the affected area's giving the car an uneven and bumpy appearance, in some cases the repair of rust will trigger the painting of the car in a hideous vomit inducing hue.

Vauxhall nova's of this type will have the standard 1.2 or 1.4 vauxhall engine, and will often attempt to race other vehicles with a significantly more powerful engines, this will typically end in humilation for the ned/chav driving the vehicle and can greatly reduce his change of sexual intercourse with the 12 year old nedette/chavette that is often found in these vehicles as an after market modification.

Examples of this type of Vauxhall Nova can be found adourning the pages of Max power magazine each month.

Nova's in their original factory configuration are typically smoky old rust buckets owned by irritating old pensioners who just should'nt be driving.
"How do you fit 6 neds in a Vauxhall Nova???"
by Kasei October 19, 2004
A Vauxhall Corsa owner is someone who is believed to be a nonce. They prefer underage girls and McDonald’s. Typically seen in tescos car park and outside their local highschools these young pedophiles are very well known for there noncey behaviour.
Person 1: Oh look another Vauxhall Corsa in McDonald’s drive through.

Person 2: Such a nonce
by Gingernigga April 1, 2020