Synonymous with wetback, only a stronger term. The true one is generally from a deeper, darker part of Mexico and tends to be greasier than your average illegal.
Yeah, Jorge is a wetback, but his friend Chilango is a fucking true one!
by PuroMVRWSV March 28, 2018
A True Sexy One, does not make a plan to be sexy, they don't try, they just are! A true sexy ones exude sexiness 24/7. Their sexual energy is often very intense yet truthful. A True Sexy Ones often think about sex, dream about sex & love having a lot of it with their Lover! Pheromones are speaping out of these individuals on a continual basis.

I feel sexy,

I look sexy,

I love sexy, therefore I am Sexy!

"Let me poor my sexy all over your sexy!"
If you have ever met a True Sexy One, you may start to feel sexy, confident and totally in the Flow, the sexual flow that is and what a wonderful place to be. A True Sexy One will pass on sexual energies to those around and asking. A true sexy one never pushes sex on or at any living being. A true sexy one is at peace and totally zen'd out, another reason they are so sexy !
by Yes Yum Please! May 19, 2016
Stannis of House Baratheon, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm,
Stannis is the one true king

by SER DAVOS HAND OF THE KING October 23, 2017
This refers to the Original Dungeons & Dragons published in 1974. It is truly The One True Game, the game that rules all other games and provides more fun and enjoyment than any other game ever devised.

It requires imagination and creativity, that limits the game to those who are of above average intelligence. It also requires flexible thinking and the ability to make decisions. This disqualifies the rules lawyers, the by the book crowd and the decision challenged.

The One True Game makes a clear distinction between the Old School Gaming and New School Gaming.
The One True Game makes a clear distinction between the Old School Gaming and New School Gaming.
by Dragonsfoot Member Since 2002 November 17, 2019
The One True Game refers specifically to the 1974 original version of Dungeons & Dragons that was published as 3 little booklets in first a small woodgrain color box and later in a small white box. This usage is by ardent supporters of the Original Dungeons & Dragons game and is an indication of their passion for and devotion to the original D&D game and is not to be taken as anything else.
No, no I didn't mean TETSNBN or TATSNBN or even YAATSNBN, I was talking about The One True Game, the Original Dungeons & Dragons.
by Dragonsfoot Member Since 2002 November 17, 2019
OTP is a perfect pairing between two fictional characters. Klaus and Caroline invented the word OTP.
One True Pairing is a couple so perfect for each other. For example the line that Klaus ended all ships. "He's your first love, I intend to be your last. However, long it takes."
by 000CAta June 13, 2017
Some one everyone has, but the one no one on this earth has been able to meet. Your one true love is the person that is perfect for and you for them. They are everything you want and need. You love everything about them. And they return these fellings. If anyone could meet their one true love, well...that person's entire life would be complete hapiness. The two of you will never fall out of love.
A lot of people don't believe in a one true love, well those people obviously don't know of theirs.
by R é C October 2, 2005