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"Yo, dat Maxima is paf bro"
"Dafuq is paf?"
"Pimp as fuck, muthafucka!"
by Vald Bagina May 01, 2013
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Pleasant as Fuck (P.A.F.)

A slang word that originated and is used heavily in SoCal (Southern California)
Man, this place is PAF.

Damn dude the beach is PAF
by champion4290 October 20, 2009
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PAF means 'Punk as Fuck' it even sounds punk as fuck. Used to describe an attitude, look, item of clothing or situation.
Fuck! Your studded jacket is PAf man
by PAFyeah August 02, 2011
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Since females can not fap without a penis, they must do the opposite, thus creating the word paf.
"PAF PAF PAF" *violent shaking*
by Camslut March 30, 2014
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Pissed As Fuck
Acronym used when someone is extremely mad. Usually used in social communication. Ex. texting, instant messaging, email, facebook, myspace, twitter, ect.
-text message conversation-

boy #1: I'm PAF because she stood me up for the 3rd time last night!

boy #2: bro, forget her, she's a damn hoochie.
by sgeri July 10, 2011
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PAF: Physical Acts of Friendship
Similar to PDA (Public Displays of Affection) but can only be expressed in a platonic relationship.
"Did you see Zion and Joe today? They're the cutest friends ever. So much PAF!"
by TootsieFruits October 08, 2018
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