A popular phrase originating from popular hood slang "what da fuck" or more commonly known "what the fuck"
Usually used in texts and comments on unusual or weird things.
"Dafuq did I just look at?"
"I don't know bro, I think it was a dog shaved and painted to look like a panda."
by Hamjam May 3, 2013
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The word commonly used by Luke Hemming in "Let Me Just Double Check" on Wattpad
Ashton Irwin (Luke's bf in the story): "Lucus, you need to stop throwing your shoes everywhere. And oh god, they smell terrible. Please wash them."
Luke Hemmings: "How dafuq do you wash shoes?"
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Casey: I want some handcuffs for Christmas.
Casey's boyfriend: DAFUQ?!
by FUNNIEST BITCH EVER November 29, 2012
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A small Middle Eastern nation, known primarily for the exceedingly complex dialect of Arabic spoken by its natives. When confronted by something baffling or incomprehensible, a common turn of phrase is to mention this country's name, indicating that the speaker is as confused as they would be trying to interpret the Dafuqian dialect. Compare "It's all Greek to me".
The primary export of Dafuq is falafel
by MISTER OWNINATOR August 17, 2013
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It is slang for The Fuck. It is also a short way of saying it. Since in nowadays that's what the 'cool' kids do.
Jimmy: Hey Todd, do you know what a rainbow kiss is?

Todd: Dafuq is that?
by Praendra June 8, 2016
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The mixing of the words The and Fuck.
Jimmy:I gave a blowjob last night John...
by Bossmann Plays December 25, 2016
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