55 definitions by redgyul

n. A Caribbean term for a woman of loose morals.
Carolina is a real skettel dred.
by redgyul September 21, 2004
Trinidadian slang for "Not in this lifetime."
He asked me out...NOEH!
by redgyul September 21, 2004
v. to stare aimlessly at a no spot in particular with the aim of relaxing the mind and forgetting the stresses of the moment. Particularly effective if done to slow, noninvasive, yet rhythmic music.
"I can't believe I'm pregnant. I think I'm gonna be sick just thinking about it. Oh, and my hamster died."
"Let's just zoid a while to Coldplay. You'll feel better when we're done."
by redgyul February 19, 2005
Trinidadian slang for an action that has remained incomplete for a long time. Usually employed to berate the person perpetuating the action.
You ent finish de dishes yet? How yuh sticking so?!
by redgyul September 21, 2004
Caribbean slang for a woman's sexual organ. Note that this is "hole" spelled backwards. As popularized by Beenie Man.

See pussy, vagina, coochie
"Meh want de gyul wit de eloh wha tight..." ~ Beenie Man
by redgyul October 7, 2004
A term commonly used in the Caribbean for a (cocka)roach.
"Girl, yuh does keep de place so nasty. All dese Ralphies dem..."
by redgyul September 22, 2004
Short for, "You win some, you lose some". Usually employed when a situation or endeavour doesn't pan out in a auspicious manner in spite of a party's best efforts. Interestingly enough, despite the inclusion of the word 'win', ironically the phrase is often intended to console a loser.
"Wow, you spent $700 on that date and she went home with the waiter. Ah well bro, you win some..."
by redgyul October 10, 2004