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n. A Caribbean term for a woman of loose morals.
Carolina is a real skettel dred.
by redgyul September 21, 2004
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Trinidadian slang for "Not in this lifetime."
He asked me out...NOEH!
by redgyul September 21, 2004
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v. to assume 50% of the responsibility for an act and its consequences, the other 50% of same falling on the person with whom the act was perpetrated.
by redgyul March 3, 2005
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v. to stare aimlessly at a no spot in particular with the aim of relaxing the mind and forgetting the stresses of the moment. Particularly effective if done to slow, noninvasive, yet rhythmic music.
"I can't believe I'm pregnant. I think I'm gonna be sick just thinking about it. Oh, and my hamster died."
"Let's just zoid a while to Coldplay. You'll feel better when we're done."
by redgyul February 19, 2005
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The place Biology majors go to have their dreams of becoming an ethical physician brutally slaughtered whilst simultaneously getting into insummountable debt.
"I have a 4.0 GPA, 10 years of my life I'm not doing anything with, masochistic tendencies and the desire to owe an unforgiving financial institution $200K at 24% interest...I know! I'll apply to medical school."
by redgyul September 24, 2004
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v. To hold or to have. Can be used variable contexts, from having a weapon to having a large body part.

See packing.
"He was packin heat at the club; must've paid the bouncer off."
"Don't let his size 7 shoe fool you girl, that boy is packin."
by redgyul September 21, 2004
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Ah so tired after we fete dong de place las' night.
by redgyul April 3, 2005
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