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Pre-Practice Poop. Refers to the act of taking a dump before an athletic practice session, in order to prevent the need to do so during practice.
"Hey man, you ready to head outside to track practice?"

"In a minute.. Gotta go take a p^3 first."
by another JL May 09, 2009
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p^3 or p cubed is code for getting high. this was started when two girls were going to get high and they said that in order to have a Party they needed Pot and Pop. so the two of them laughed and used P^3 as a code when the two of them wanted to get high. so the three P's in P cubed are Pot, Party, and Pop
hey buddy, wanna get P^3 tonight?
by Lidds February 01, 2007
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Pile O' Poo Paper. This is when you wipe and leave so much shitty paper in the toilet it soaks up all the water and has to be removed manually. Use this in conjunction with the Upper Decker and you're guaranteed to piss someone off.
I hate that mother fucker. This is his house? I'm going to go leave a "P Cubed (P^3) Upper Decker".
by Bender1851 January 21, 2008
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