Pile O' Poo Paper. This is when you wipe and leave so much shitty paper in the toilet it soaks up all the water and has to be removed manually. Use this in conjunction with the Upper Decker and you're guaranteed to piss someone off.
I hate that mother fucker. This is his house? I'm going to go leave a "P Cubed (P^3) Upper Decker".
by Bender1851 January 21, 2008
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p cubed is code for getting high. see p^3 for further information and the origin of the term.
dude i toally got p cubed last night!
by Lidds February 2, 2007
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power puff porn. porn involving blossom, bubbles, buttercup, mojo jojo, or other characters from the power puff girls
"Holy shit, that p cubed was fucked up!"
by zkiller195 March 3, 2008
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The act of taking a lollipop, sticking it in your butthole, and then sharing it with a friend. This can be with or without his or her consent.

P Cubed is short for "Poop Pop Pass"

Synonyms: P Cube, Lolli-gagging, Brown Poppers, Excramentasties, Diaper Dandies, Tootsie Rolling
Cole and I got bored last night and we had some extra lollis left over from Halloween so we decided to get P Cubed with the leftovers.
by Olivia Newton January 14, 2012
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