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Slang for Pap Smear, i.e. a screening test used in gynecology to detect cancer in the cervix.
A hulking woman with a dyed-blonde crew cut walks into a gynecologists office, jumps on the examining table and puts her feet in the stirrups. Her large, hairy hoohoo growls at the doc.

"What'll it be, Miss?", asks the doctor.

"Give me a papper with the works!" says the bull dyke.
by bobsyeruncle September 04, 2009
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According to TMZ, it is a "cool" word for the 1947.

(Rhymes with "paupers.")
"Damn the pappers - they're after me!" lamented Regis Philbin.
by Ritsuka May 20, 2008
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Noun A papper is like a paper but with some exceptions. One does not read a papper before turning it in, pappers are written the morning there due even if its 7 pages long, pappers some times but not always use wikipedia as a source. Essentially a papper is a abortion of a college paper that you know will be bad but you turn in any ways cause you just want it out of the way/donโ€™t think the teacher will read it carefully.
Dan: man its 2AM I should start my paper
Joseph: donโ€™t you mean its time to write a papper.
Dan: shut your mouth I got 10 hours before class thatโ€™s plenty of time to write a good paper.
Joseph: yea and the last time you tried that it was a papper.
Dan: what ever pappers still get me a C and thatโ€™s good enough.
by dan christ April 19, 2007
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Short word for "papparazzi", created by Regis Philbin on the episode of TMZ. 5/20/08
"Get those dirty pappers out of here"

"Those pappers are on my lawn!"

"That papper got a shot of my vag!"

"That papper took my paper"
by Moe E. May 20, 2008
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