hey budddy. another way to say hey friend. hello friend. hey bud.

it's almost a pet name sometimes. and depending on the intonations, it can be very annoying.

it's DESE. dece. decent.
hey buddy wanna go to the store with me today!
by l00sers use sharewear May 31, 2009
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Noun, an attempt by someone underage to proctor alcoholic beverages by use of a random middle-man. It is executed by showing up at a store that sells alcolic beverages, seeing someone who looks plenty old enough to purchase said beverages, approaching this person and saying to him/her "hey buddy..." If they accept you then negotiate some terms of the agreement. What kind of alcohol, brand and when the payment will be made all must be decided. The middle-man reserves the right to charge a fee for this exchange. It is considered a pretty sketchy way of getting booze.
"Hey buddy... think you could get me handle?"
"Dude where the hell did you get all this booze? You look like you're 9 years old."
"I pulled a hey buddy over at the gas station."
by where am i? September 22, 2006
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A funny, yet nicer way to say fuck you or to offend your friends.
Me-"Hey ben do you wanna go 2 nickel world?"
Me-"Well then suck on my shitlog in the toilet... AND ITS BLUE!"
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