An Ozzie or (Aussie) is an Australian slang term to name themselves, often used in chants on Australia day "Ozzie ozzie ozzie" "oi oi oi"
where are you from?
im a bloody Ozzie mate!
by Supa Imo August 1, 2006
usually spelt aussie but ozzie will do, they are the greatest people on earth and you will find them with mad accents, and at a barbie with a VB or beer in one hand and a snag or four'n'twenty in the other. they always have plenty of sheilas and have been known to drive holden utes and the likes. greatest people on the earth. aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi
1 "g'day mate"
"shutup fool, you not ozzie(aussie) you dingleberry"

2"chuck another shrimp on the barbie"
"go away bogan, we want more snags"

3"nice beater mate"
"fuck off you fillet-o-fish"

4"oi, throw us another beer"
"coming right up, asswipe"

5"hey dingus, nice ute"
"don't touch it you anal leakage"

6"your an absolute skidmark"
"get out you poof"
by champ, sugar August 10, 2006
Let me get an ozzie of that bubba
by jeffymeh May 9, 2016
le boi dat like da bbig oofs \_(^&^)_/
u n ozzie?
by Biome of Rec Room March 26, 2019
An ozzie is a person of australian desent. A typical Ozzie is a person who still thinks adidas ´button up´ pants are cool, they cannot dance and use beer in place of water.They complain of wogs being on welfare when the majority of people on welfare/centrelink are indeed ozzies. If you are an ozzie reading this, well done for completing your highschool education...ozzies put down wogs but then take on the typical wog appearence and attitude. Ozzies ancestors were convicts and not much has changed within their intellect or personality. Ozzies are known for their terrible haircuts, putrid body odour and alcoholic parents. They also constantly wear the same singlets,thongs and claim to be true australians, when infact australia belongs to the aboriginies. So next time you see a skinny pimply faced broadmeadows red neck ozzie...take a moment and pity these helpless retards...also...throw 20 cents to them so they can be happy and run to the nearest milk-bar to buy a single ciggarette, usually a ´horizon´ or ´holiday´. Ozzies also love to get bashed by lebos.
´helen, that cow is a ozzie and a half!´

´Must be thursday welfare/centrelink payday...see all the ozzies linning up at the atm and phone boxes?´

´oh my god ! is that person having an epileptic fit?....nah its just an ozzie trying to dance´
by rawTruth January 17, 2007
If you need help, he is always there. He will make you laugh and always put a smile on your face.
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Jimmy: So you going to Warped Tour this year?
Timmy: Hell yeah, man! I'm taking Ozzy!


Jill: OMG! Who is THAT? He's so AWESOME!
Tammy: That's Ozzy...
by SpamForSuckers August 22, 2010
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ozzy pace man is extremely fast like usan blt
by ozzytoe October 12, 2018