A mmmmmm... good piece of smelly pussy. Lick It UP
Oh man I ate Maggie's fillet-o-fish last night... damn she was like tuna fish.
by Bl0wMyHe4d June 25, 2006
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1: A stoner sandwitch containing a fish like square patty that can be bought for a buck for Mc Donalds.
by TalonIX April 25, 2006
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louise bent penny over last nyt and her poonanii fell of.
whilst the clit fell n droped on the floor. Then penny slapped it off louise's mouth. and she sucked it up like noddles and stiched it back on for her.
the reson she onyl has 1 fillet-o-fish,it was sexy like propa.
by robssaaa February 29, 2008
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When a girl doesnt wash her vagina for a while and then twerks on a guys face naked
Damn that fillet o fish was great last night
by My Names Jeff February 10, 2018
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Fillet o fish was a dish originally created by Jesus for the catholics to eat on a Friday in order to flog the left over fish caught by Jesus’s follerwers. It was widely recognised as another scam created by Jesus and his followers in order to sell dodgy products to the masses.
Fillet-o-fish. Ere Jesus mate you got any more of them dodgy fishy o fillets please bah?
by PappaD March 07, 2018
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