The flabby fold of fat on the nape of someone's neck, best observed in fat bald sweaty old paps when they tilt their head slightly to look upwards. The phrase "Don't touch it!" derives from the likelihood of an angry response you may get if you feel tempted to give the enticing fold of cervical flab a curious poke. Can in some instances be referred to as double or triple touch to refer to two or three folds of neckfat respectively.
1. The guy buying salmon in front of me at the supermarket had some seriously sexy don't touch it going on.
2. I had a serious temptation to go over and rub chicken grease into the fat triple touch of the wheelchair bound window maker, so I did. Turned out it was gout.
by dapperdansausage March 7, 2010
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Phrase streamers say to prevent Youtube plugs from screen recording and posting their content so they can post it on their own channels
Kai: This stream is going crazy, plugs don't touch, you better not touch plugs
Plugs: :(
by Siberianwolfman November 23, 2021
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An old term used at the end of a show before a commercial, the 'dial' part referring to old TV's that had dials to change channels. Some shows still use this, and only use it because other shows do. Other shows now use the term 'Don't touch that remote' or something like that.
Don't touch that dial, we'll be back after these messages.
by HyperactiveToothpick May 28, 2005
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This is the easy way to remember how to say "your welcome" in Japanese "don't touch the mustache" (dou itashimashite)
by TJStoner August 30, 2007
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When a dick is so big and thick that your finger tips don't touch when your holding it
Becky: Omg Sarah I saw Josh's dick and grabbed it.
Sarah: What did it look like?
Becky: It was so big and thick that my fingers tips don't touch.
by Big_Sausage_Pizza November 3, 2017
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melissa(the one with herpes) will never offer you a pillow to sleep on at night, a blanket when you're freezing, a coughdrop when you're coughing your lungs out, a can of coke, a paper cup of sink water, a plate to eat, a napkin to wipe your face, her toilet, lipgloss, a rubberband, shoes if you're barefoot and there's broken glass eveywhere, and she won't let you even sit on the couch or turn on the tv. why? because everything belongs to frank.
me: melissa, can i use your house phone?
melissa: wtf no. frank pays for that, tanya.
me: well, can you atleast give me a quarter so i can use a payphone?
melissa: a quarter? have you gone insane? how is frank going to pay his bus fare for work tomorrow?
by snootch87 March 8, 2005
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Traditional hairpiece worn by women to keep their hair out of their face. Common characteristics of a don't-touch-me-scrunchie are when it's worn; ridiculously tight pulled back hair, a pissed-off look on the womans face and a walk that would plow anybody over if they got in her way.
Chris- "I saw your ex walking out of the bank the other day."

John- "Oh yeah? How did she look??"

Chris- "She was wearing sunglasses, an angry look on her face and her hair was pulled back really tight in a don't-touch-me-scrunchie."
by bigcatspecial June 2, 2010
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