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Groups of Lebanese people. Some cause trouble, some do up their cars, some make kebabs or jump others. Found in certain parts of towns.
Hey look - a lebo!
The people in the old van are lebos.
I hope cronulla won't get bashed up by lebos.
by Mike Turbinesderty December 11, 2005
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A person who is from lebanon or has a lebanese backround.Many people call them terrorists but thats not true.In life there are good people and bad but the media usually look at the bad part of lebanese people.
by Ahmed321 July 03, 2013
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Saying lebo's are all digusting, smelly, rasict people is like saying theres no bad in your culture. every culture has good and bad. This is just another stereotype and culture being mis understood. Try meeting one before writing paragraphs about how disgusting they are.
Lebos live in bankstown carry a gun and rape young girls... Are you kidding me?

so NO aussies live in bankstown?
so NO aussies carry a gun?
and NO aussie has ever raped young girls?

open your mind people.
the world is changing and if you dont stop and realise it. you might get lost in it
by annoyed. March 07, 2009
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lebos are like anyone else. i can see how everyone wants to steriotype them and think there all idiots. they ussaly get mistaken for other middle eastern natios so use ur brain before you think. ok some are dickheads and some of them are "fuly sick" but theres alot more that are proberly nicer then you people. evryone has feelings and would u like me to say to u ohh look his a aussie dog or his a fuked up drugo wen u no ur not. so shutup everyone before you speack and use your brain and stop being so narrow minded, and for ur books not every leb is muslem, and the christians eat bacon so wen u no what your talking about then write your shit on here. im leb u dnt see me walking around bashing you aussies. and u cnt tell me if u were ganna bash a couple people u would go by ur self so dnt be stupied friends are friends and ifu aussies were in a fight im sure your friends would help u. So open your minds stop thinking everyone is the same generic person and dnt judge sumone by there cover.
by kesssss July 21, 2008
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I am shocked with how people have described Lebanese people..YES THEY ARE AUSTRALIAN..If they were born in this country..then they are Australian no matter of their cultural you Anglosaxan Australians who are judging these people on some messed up younger generation actions when i see with my own eyes the younger generation of anglosaxan teens acting exactly the same way..YOU PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN YOU CAN NOT JUDGE ON RELIGION COLOR OF SKIN RACE.
Every single person on this earth is different and you can not base that on their background.
To the people here who are posting..Lebanese will only date their own kind..bullshit

I am of southern european background and i am in a fantastic relationship with a Lebanese man
They are good people with beautiful homeland, values, music, respect, lovely women who act with culture and respect..maybe that is why you only see Lebanese men with Lebanese women..cause they sure have a hole lot more culture vales respect then these Anglosaxan girls..and also Lebanese do not need to rape girls..girls run for Lebanese cock they go crazy for lebo guy..then they realize they did wrong and you know what happens after that.......
i have came on here not being racist or targeting anyone..i just think people should be more open minded and take a look at their own kind before judging others
Stop Judging, Stereotyping take a look at "your own kind" before judging others for different ways of life different cultures

this is something you respect not put down

AND to the people who have rote on this definition page "lebos are dirty dogs fukn cunts get the fuck outta this country"

.....despite the fact you have made yourself sound like a worthless uneducated low life who needs to get educated and most likely get a life.......they were born here to? so if you don't like them..maybe you should leave

cause they have as much right as you to be here..
by annoyed girl.. September 11, 2009
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lebanese person:

lebo is like the term aussie for australian. they are usually very sweet and considerate people who stick together and stay truthful to themselfs and there nationalilty at all times. they usually travel in groups and make a scene, but they wont hurt u unless u pick a fight.
by LEBOchick :) May 02, 2009
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