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Groups of Lebanese people. Some cause trouble, some do up their cars, some make kebabs or jump others. Found in certain parts of towns.
Hey look - a lebo!
The people in the old van are lebos.
I hope cronulla won't get bashed up by lebos.
by Mike Turbinesderty December 11, 2005
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A person who is from lebanon or has a lebanese backround.Many people call them terrorists but thats not true.In life there are good people and bad but the media usually look at the bad part of lebanese people.
by Ahmed321 July 03, 2013
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The Lebo:
A breed of rodent-like species which feeds on the dregs of Australian Society.
Originating from a 3rd World Country, they have no real idea of how to act in a sophisticated society, and hence, are often reduced to animal-like behaviour.
They are gutless and will only strike out at other groups if they have superior numbers. When they are outnumbered, they will quickly dissolve into a crying, pathetic sack of shit, as witnessed at cronulla riots.
Those who have engaged in raping Australian girls are swiftly castrated in prison, and are probably being raped with a broom handle as you read this, whilst squeeling like the filthy pig that they are.

Head to your local KFC for a live demonstration.

Lebo - The Australian nigger.
by Fink423 March 26, 2009
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Lebos- Arab

Smelly, dirty. hairy trouble makers. Non cannibals species (they don't eat pork.)

These scumbags call themselves Lebo in OZ but went they fuck off back to their shit hole land where it's constant war, they call themselves Aussies. Should send more over there instead of bringing these fuckers back.

Every other races (White cunts, Wogs, gooks, Kiwi and even Abbos) are trying to adapt and live in peace or just cause shit among themselves but these pigfucking dirty, smelly shitheads with little dicks likes to cause shit which they wouldn't dare to do in there own country, raping innocent girls... All because they believe in such a fucked up religion which they a too stupid to think for themselves.

Q. Why Dirty Lebos didn't compete in the Olympic Boxing?
A. Because they found out it's one on one.

Q. What do you call a Dirty Lebo woman uses contraception?
A. Crime stopper

Q. Whats the difference between a shopping trolley and a dirty pig Muslim Lebos?
A. A shopping trolley has a mind of it's own.
by Rock Harder August 06, 2006
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Lebs are dirty disguisting creatures that are not wanted in this country and often try to fight white people. Lebos will never try to fight a white person unless der are at least 3 times the amount of lebos then there are of white people. They are often scared of anybody that has darker skin then them eg black people and islanders. Lebos tend to be hated by nearly every race in the world and tend to get the shit kicked out of them quite often for an example the cronulla riots. most of the time members of the lebanese race are imbred and smell like shit. Normally you will never see a child that is half lebo half aussie because the aussie chiks that are raped by lebos normally gt abortions. They try to be hard but at the end of the day everyone else in the world even asians are hardr den them
lebo: hey bra look mate a white kid
lebo 2: lets go get him
lebo: o shit bra look der frends wit blak ppl

White and blak ppl: hey look some fukn lebos lets gt them!!!
by JD's APMF March 21, 2007
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Saying lebo's are all digusting, smelly, rasict people is like saying theres no bad in your culture. every culture has good and bad. This is just another stereotype and culture being mis understood. Try meeting one before writing paragraphs about how disgusting they are.
Lebos live in bankstown carry a gun and rape young girls... Are you kidding me?

so NO aussies live in bankstown?
so NO aussies carry a gun?
and NO aussie has ever raped young girls?

open your mind people.
the world is changing and if you dont stop and realise it. you might get lost in it
by annoyed. March 07, 2009
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