The impressively sized softie (flaccid penis) that one achieves after using opiates. In the locker room will make other males feel inadequate, and in the bedroom will make your girl excited and happy.
"After taking that handful of vics, I've got some serious ox dick. The things thicker than my wrist!"
by oxcox December 15, 2011
Jail smoke.
The best fuckin smoke in the world.
Once you tasted it you'll never go back to whatever shit you smoked before.
"White Ox no filter cunt"
by Mii-chelle October 8, 2018
The visible bulge below a heavy woman's bra when viewed from behind.
She shouldn't wear such tight sweaters.They accentuate her ox yoke.
by wolfbait51 May 15, 2011
Yo, check out that lady's ox-hoof.

Nasty dude, that chick's got an ox-hoof.
by JGR lll August 2, 2008
Finely sliced beef, generally from tough cuts, cooked in broth and served up on bread rolls. Midwestern specialty the epicenter for which is Erie, Pennsylvania.
The Volunteer Fire Department Bazaar featured funnel cakes and ox roast.
by Cloudy Day March 30, 2004
1. A man who is so strong it is assumed that he is half ox.

2. The the man chosen to save humanity from the Draconian Empire.
by Jack Duncan September 20, 2003
A 13 year old rapper who is probably one of the greatest rappers of this generation. He is known for his songs overwhelming and $$$. His most famous verse, “Yea I’m in kitchen and you know I’m whipping
Nathan: yo let’s play some Matt Ox
Adam: Of course, he is the greatest
by Bathing Grape July 20, 2018