OX (noun): a slang term used to describe a sharp blade
im gonna cut that foo with mah ox
by Davy Reins February 1, 2004
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1. A box cutter or razor carried as a weapon.
"When that motherfucka stepped to me I pulled out my ox and gave his bitch-ass a buck fifty!"
by El-Keter July 26, 2002
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A razor blade is an ox
by AC October 26, 2003
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An individual with strong legs. Based on the animal.
"Dude, have you seen his legs? He's an ox!"
by EgTl May 9, 2009
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Slang term for the drug oxycontin.
Pass somma dat ox to da nigga on da left... thank you very much.
by Anonymous April 16, 2003
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mexican american man with lots of potential and too many dreams. Strong and with high tolerance for pain, and joy. Always moving and hardly ever forward they idle bout for years without any real discipline they are smart but waste themselves to the day.
"mark is such an ox when he smokes like that. "
by mind pilot August 23, 2006
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