A seemingly non-sexual fetish in which a group of 5 or more individuals gather in a field, dressed as pasture animals, and roam the day away.
Friend 1: I am going to an Oxing party this weekend.
Friend 2: Do you meaning Boxing?
Friend 1: No, Oxing. It involves a lot more cattle.
by TangentBeetle November 11, 2019
1.) plural noun, meaning a collection of large cow-like pack animals.
2.) noun, meaning an awesome indie band. they use very odd beats, and excellent guitar work, and put on a hell of a live show.
1.) we rode our oxes to the show
2.) we saw the oxes at the show

oxes suck coxes
-the oxes.
by jason October 3, 2004
To love very strongly
You are my boyfriend. You are my lover. You are my ox. Ox!
by Oxers April 5, 2010
An abbreviation of an abbreviation of the word awkward. Awkward was shortened to awks which led to it's abbreviation towards its homophone "ox"
Yeah, he's totes ox
by chickenswithlargetalons December 15, 2010
the blake meber of team awsome
and well as derek and mike
"dude wheres oxe?

"idk the gym maybe
by dtamayo January 23, 2009
A (fictional) Fine Malt beverage, from the movie Stoned Age. presumably available in 12oz and 16oz cans as well as kegs. A play on Colt 45, Pabst did not allow the beer to be featured in the movie because it encouraged underage drinking.
"Hey man you should come out an party with us tomorrow night, we got a keg of Ox 45 just waitin' to be punctured."
by Michael Hubs February 8, 2010
The darkest, finest rolling tobacco. Also known as the 'Cream of the Crop', being the first tobacco picked from the Netherlands. Class A Rolling tobacco, clean fresh biodegradable fun, and White Ox rollies won't stay lit and start a bush fire as they go out without puffing on them. Purchaseable in pouches of 30 and 50 grams, ready to give u a rush. White ox costs 10 dollars in prison, however at service stations it can be as expensive as 23 dollars. Undoubtably the premium choice for seasoned smokers, who, reffer to White Ox as Gold.
"Can I have a filter for my White Ox?"
- what are you? a man or a mouse?

"Can I bum a White Ox"
- get your stinkin' mits away from my GOLD!

"Cough cough splutter splutter *coughs up a bit of flem and turburculosis pie*
- sounds like u need a White Ox to open them girly lungs up.
by Robb L. January 31, 2006