Nique is beautiful, and a killer. Brunette, got ass for days. typical bad bitch! Some find her name to be ghetto, but she's far from. She forgives, but NEVER forgets. Your best move is to never betray her. Her wise ass tendencies are intimidating to some, while others find her personality quite sexy. Don't let her kindness fool you because she is a BITCH. Definition of wifey. She is a strong woman who sometimes falls. She does the unexpected, she'll always keep you on your toes. Nique is who you go to for an adventure. Her smile can brighten anyones room ;)
you love nique :-*
by somethingyouforgot January 12, 2012
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A non offensive alternative slang for a female counterpart and or companion.
Bro, I can't wait to go out this weekend and get some niques.

You had so many niques the other night at the bar.

Who was that nique you came to happy hour with? Just some nique i work with.
by Rugs Ragland April 15, 2010
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the hottest-=-most sexiest-=-ghetto booty-=-booty danca EVA !
by MeLis May 23, 2003
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HoTt sExCay NeW yOrkER w. A ghEtTo aSs
-=- fIeRy PeRsOnaLitY -=- BeSteSt BoOtY dAncIn w. StEfFi C.
by MeLis May 23, 2003
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Harsh insult used to compare one's work to the work of Dominique Streets from Albany.
"Damn, dog, that shit's weak as Nique."
by Jay Prezzy March 12, 2003
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