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Warlocks in World of Warcraft patch 2.0
Jhuutom Charges you.
You are afflicted by stun.
You are afflicted by fear.
You are afflicted by corruption.
You are afflicted by Curse of Agony.
You are Afflicted by Siphon Life.
You take 100 damage from drain life.
You Die.
Battleground: overpowered...nerf...
by Royalnavy December 19, 2006
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A relationship at the age of 16-18 in which the woman who loves you has visions of marriage and life past college. The only girl you will fuck for the rest of your life, providing you do not breakup or divorce.
Friend 1: Dude Becca says I am the only guy for her and she wants to marry me.
Friend 2: But were sohpmores in high school.
Friend 1: She says she doesn't think she can live without me.
Friend 2: Congragulations with your permapussy man
by Royalnavy June 26, 2005
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