In various video games, used as a keyword for take out life points out of something (usually your opponent or an object) to transfer it to your own character. Mostly used for HP transferring.

Sometimes referred as Lifesteal in specific games.
My opponent siphoned all my health in 2 seconds.


Siphon Soul - 6 Mana: Destroy a minion and restore 3 Health to your Hero.
by Morei April 11, 2019
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a word improperly defined in popular dictionaries for nearly one hundred years. a siphon refers to a tube bent in a 'u' or 'v' shape with one short leg and one long leg. siphons move liquids from one area, through the tube, to another area using gravity. the oxford english dictionary stated in 1911 that atmospheric pressure moves the liquids, which is dead wrong. its been copied by dictionary writers ever since.
dude1: clearly this siphon uses the principal of gravity to move liquid from this fish tank to this bucket.

dude2: not if you're the idiot who wrote the oxford english dictionary.
by corban76 May 11, 2010
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More than one diabetic in a clinic or in a room at one time
Look over there, there’s a siphon of diabetics
by Diabeticferg123 December 4, 2018
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An extremely skilled person. Especially when referring to people named Sarah or Samantha.
You're such a siphon.
by siphons4lyfe July 17, 2011
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What epic games took off fortnite. It gave mats, and meds on elimination.
Dang it, Epic Games, why u remove siphon?
by TheMostAntiFurryBoiEva May 8, 2019
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having an awesome comeback that puts someone in their place and takes away some of their pride or attitude
Tony, she really put you in your place, man! You were siphoned!
by drank@hopewell March 25, 2011
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When your financally fuked
Im not coming out tonight cuz im fukn siphoned
by DooMacadi December 7, 2018
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