In roleplaying, this means that a player uses cheap tricks in order to win a battle. It is Known as OP for short and is used by many anime roleplayers who takes the role of Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball Z (hence the facts that saiyajin could destroy mountains and cities with a beam and saint seiya characters can't be hit twice by the same tech/spell/jutsu, for example) and most, hellsing and elfen lied based characters, and uses their 10th sense, vectors, and goes to a monster transformation to enter god mode in all around based battle RPGs.

Overpower acts include:

- Stopping attacks or actions without a logical reason, just because the character did it in the manga/anime;

- Constant use of cheap dodging (like utsusemi, the famous replacement by a wood log), force fields that last for absurd amounts of time, or impassable barriers that does not get weak, even if there are conditions that may decrease their effect;

- Some vampire players that are unaffected by the sun without having a logical explanation for it;

- Summonings of monsters that could overhelm an entire planet, like tiamat and cthulhu;

- Naruto characters who portrait Uchihas to use sharigan's tricks.
Damn, my character got pwned ridiculously. My enemy mantained a barrier for the entire battle and went overpower by summoning a giant dragon at the same time, the play was ridiculous.
by Chris Falcon July 2, 2008
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Ming in EU4
I swear Ming is so overpowered nowadays. It never blows up and conquers everything. ffs
by Prince Charmless June 21, 2019
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A character that is considered powerful when compared to the verse they come from.

A character that is very powerful compared to the verse they come from, often associated with ruining it as the character ruins personal steaks, steaks in general, or ruing any tension the narrative held.
Bro, the story for character#1 was pretty interesting as the antagonist was an overpowered character.

Dude, the story for character#2 was ruined by an overpowered antagonist.
by Mcfat10 January 29, 2021
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A phrase used when giving a formal handshake in the place of a high five to show more respect.
Joe: Thank you for buying me lunch
Ted: No problem
Ted and Joe: At the same time "firm but not overpowering"
by Johnson Ritz May 9, 2009
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a meter of how much overpowered the character is
Chris: Hey, what's the overpoweredness of meta knight in brawl?
Max: ITS OVER 9000
by TheUltimateMudkipSlayer December 3, 2013
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Also used for short, OP.
by qpiepqy April 29, 2021
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